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Recession Proof Your Retirement Podcast

Jan 24, 2020

So, what’s this new podcast all about?  What makes it different in the sea of countless podcasts on investing, wealth management and financial planning?

This is the investor’s guide that brings you confidence and clarity as you prepare for, enter and live your retirement years.

Here are some things to know about Recession Proof Your Retirement:

Let’s face it─ investing and retirement planning is just not fun for most people.

As an author, speaker and financial planner, it is my goal to make investing approachable for my clients. The strategies that I implement are not overly complex, however they are incredibly effective and back tested by the worst market downturns we have experienced in stock market history. 

We all know that there are endless resources on how to accumulate wealth and how to get out of debt. However, few resources teach what to do once you have reached the top, even though you are faced with unique and potentially devastating risks as you begin the second half of your financial journey. This Podcast is here to fill that gap!

Each episode of Recession Proof Your Retirement will be between 25-30 minutes so that I can drive home some powerful / retirement planning / and investing pointers as you drive to and from work.

I’ll take you behind the scenes and share the latest investment and planning strategies for the distribution of your wealth and helps you create greater certainty in the uncertainty of retirement. The end result: simplify complexity, achieve peace of mind and live the life you’ve always imagined.

David Rosell is the author of Failure Is NOT an Option -- Creating Certainty In The Uncertainty of Retirement and Keep Climbing- a Millennial's Guide to Financial Planning; financial planning guides that are actually fun to read.  Click on the links below to order your copy today.

Failure Is NOT an Option - Audible

Keep Climbing - A Millennial's Guide to Financial Planning

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