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Recession Proof Your Retirement Podcast

Aug 18, 2020

A perfect storm has been developing in the life insurance industry that rivals the destruction of hurricane Isaias that recently battered the Carolinas this week.

Just like your home, automobile or business, life insurance is a capital asset.

And similar to your car, you may find yourself in a situation down the road where your old convertible doesn’t make sense anymore as you have three kids, a dog and lots of gear–   the car just doesn’t fit your lifestyle anymore. Today I’m going to share with you the life insurance equivalent of trading that old beat up convertible for a shiny new TESLA.

I’ll share with you what insurance companies don’t want you to know— how policy owners can potentially profit from the sale of their unwanted life insurance policies.  I’ll also share real life examples that I think will not only get your attention, but you may even find pertains to YOU!  

Check out the Show Notes here that contain the Case Studies mentioned in the episode!