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Recession Proof Your Retirement Podcast

Nov 25, 2020

Including real estate as an asset class in your portfolio adds diversity to your investments, which may reduce your overall market risk. Like any investment, it has it’s pros and cons. We have a special guest on the show today who is going to shed some light on navigating the tricky waters of investment real estate and how to do so with off-market purchases and non-bank financing.

Jeff Stephens is founder of The Thoughtful Real Estate Entrepreneur and host of the popular podcast, “Racking Up Rentals.”  He’s all about real estate. He’s a full-time real estate entrepreneur, investing coach and podcaster.  Jeff’s focus—both as a serial entrepreneur and a coach to others—is on growing a rental portfolio that builds long-term wealth through the timeless fundamentals of relationship and negotiation directly with the seller.  

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