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Recession Proof Your Retirement Podcast

May 27, 2022

Our guest today is Greg Salciccioli. He is the founder and CEO of Coachwell, a professional consulting company providing executive coaching and systems for leaders and their organizations.  One of my clients was in the process of selling his successful manufacturing company. A few years ago, he hired Greg and his team at Coachwell.  My client’s intention was to procure the professional guidance to prepare his company to get the systems and numbers to a certain level—with the end game being to receive the highest possible price as well as find the “right” buyer to take over his baby.


My client stated: “Greg's ultimate goal is not only to help build a ready-to-sell business that maximizes revenue-- but also to help business owners to enjoy life throughout the process.”  It was then-- that I asked Greg to meet with me so I could learn more.  I was so impressed with him as a person-- as well as the service he provides that I asked him to be a guest on today’s show.


Rosell Wealth Management , ValMark Securities, Inc. and Coachwell are all separate entities