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Recession Proof Your Retirement Podcast

Jul 14, 2022

Our guest today is Brian Albrich.  He is a Retirement Mortgage Planner.

Recently, a client of mine hired Brian and his team to implement a reverse mortgage. At first, I was surprised as my clients are financially successful. Why would they want or need to implement such a strategy and at this stage of their life? It was then that I asked Brian to meet with me so I could learn more about today’s modern-day reverse mortgage.  I invited him onto the show because everyone should be aware of this potential tool that could have a significant impact on their ability to live well in retirement!

Brian's been in the mortgage business for more than 2 decades. He now works exclusively with retirees by helping them tap their home equity in order to complement their other retirement income.  Specializing in reverse mortgages is fulfiling for Brian, due to the positive life changes that results for his clients and their families.

How could you live the life you have always wanted in retirement? Learn what's possible!